Grace Scott was a firefighter in Nashville, until the night a fire ended her career. Her fellow fighters, Zach and Ray, tried to help her, but Ray didn't make it out and Grace was so severely injured that she could no longer be on active duty. So, she did the next best thing—she became an arson investigator.
Zach Raines felt guilty. He felt responsible for Ray's death and Grace's injuries, to the point he could no longer remain in Nashville. He took a job at Station 58 in Dallas, for four long years. With some help from the people he met there, he was finally able to return. It was time to let Grace know how he really felt about her. But would she—could she—forgive him for running out on her at a time when she needed him the most?
Caught in the web of a serial arsonist, Zach and Grace find themselves thrown together as they piece together the clues. Will they bury the past at last and find a future together as they solve the case that will leave all of Nashville reeling?

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Now Available on Audible!!!
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